The Springboard Centre is a MANAGED WORKSPACE. A business centre with on-site management & support services, with a managed ANPR car park. Find out more here

The Concept

We offer newly started and small existing companies the type of accommodation which will assist them in running their business efficiently and at moderate cost.

With over 70 units and offices of various sizes we can, unlike most other business centres, offer accommodation to all types of companies, not simply office based enterprises. Click here to view current businesses based here

Grow Your Business

Our phased workspace concept ensures a business can start in a very small unit and, as it grows, can opt to move to a larger unit whenever one becomes available, until the point is reached where the company is ready to move out of the workspace into its own premises. Click here to view our accommodation details.


The Springboard Centre is unique in that not only small businesses are based here but also community initiatives. The balance between the community and commercial aspects of the Centre is carefully maintained, to ensure an ideal environment for all occupants.

Since opening in 1985 many business or organisations have been based within the centre.


The Springboard Centre is based in the heart of the east midlands and is easily accessed from the motorway. Click here to view a map of us